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A Brief History

The story of El Nido Resorts began in 1979 aboard the M/V Via Mare, a dive vessel offering live-aboard diving tours all around the Philippines. At the very heart of its operation was the mission to inspire an appreciation for natural conservation among its diving clientele.

El Nido Resorts’ founders, who operated the dive tours were so mesmerized by the pristine waters and colorful marine life in El Nido that they chose it as its base of operations, setting up a dive camp at Miniloc Island in 1982 with 15 fan-cooled cottages and shared toilet and bath facilities, a popular experience among its predominantly Japanese customer base.

Starting 1991, Ten Knots, the company behind El Nido Resorts began acquiring, managing, and developing sizeable areas across the entirety of El Nido. In 1993, the company opened an upscale resort with 30 air-conditioned cottages and en suite bathrooms in Pangulasian Island. In 1998, the company opened its first luxury resort at Lagen Island and drawing from its environmental lessons from Miniloc, integrated higher standards for sustainability in its development.

In the succeeding years, the company would further polish its sustainability policy, integrating it in all its developments, operations, and community engagements. 

Miniloc Island in 1982

About Palawan

Palawan is an archipelago of 1,780 islands on the western part of the Philippines. It has the most concentration of islands but is the most sparsely populated region in the country. Because of its scenic landscapes and high bio-diversity, Palawan is known as “The Last Ecological Frontier of the Philippines”.

The northern part of Palawan province is blessed with crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches, and a wealth of flora and fauna. It is here that El Nido and Taytay, home of the lovely El Nido Resorts, are located. Spectacular ancient limestone cliffs tower over marine sanctuaries teeming with innumerable species of tropical fish and coral, as well as five species of endangered sea turtles. Lush forests abound with more than 100 species of birds. It is a truly exotic destination.

About El Nido

El Nido Resorts is a group of eco-resorts located in the El Nido-Taytay municipalities in northern Palawan, Philippines. The resorts offer genuine, local hospitality and unique and enriching experiences amidst the beautiful natural landscape.


El Nido Resorts is currently comprised of Miniloc Island Resort and Lagen Island Resort in El Nido, Apulit Island Resort in Taytay, and the newly opened eco-luxury property, Pangulasian Island Resort in El Nido.


El Nido Resorts has been operating responsibly in an ecologically gifted area. Embracing a strong commitment to sustainability, El Nido Resorts exercise stewardship over the flourishing diverse environment, stressing the importance of preserving nature to all who visit.


About Taytay

Taytay is located 220 kilometers northeast of Puerto Princesa. It is bounded in the north by El Nido, in the south by San Vicente and Dumaran, in the east by Taytay Bay and the Sulu Sea, and in the west by the South China Sea.

Taytay is rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. It is the largest municipality of the province and the first capital of Palawan. The biggest freshwater lake in the province, Lake Manguao, and the Malampaya Sound, dubbed the “Fish Bowl of the Philippines”, are located here.

Taytay, which means “bridge” in the local dialect, was established as a Spanish town in 1623. Relics of Taytay’s colonial past can still be found to this day, including a 17th century Spanish fortress called “Fuerza de Santa Isabel”, the Roman Catholic Church of Santa Monica with its thick walls of solid limestone blocks, and the ruins of the old Governor’s Mansion.


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